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How to Leverage the Most Content from Your Video Shoot

Man operating a video camera to record a church sermon.

Let's say you're planning to hire someone to create a promo video for your company, or you've already booked a shoot. Either way, if the only deliverable or expectation coming from the production is a 3-5 minute promo then you're leaving opportunity on the table. Time is money, right? Well in the 21st century so is content. I want to make sure you get the most out of the entire process - especially if it's with Emulsa Visual, so keep reading for tips!

1 - Everything is Content

An audio mixer being monitored by an audio technician during a live performance.

This might sound dramatic, but literally everything is content. Behind the scenes content is more powerful than many think, and content is the language you use to communicate with current and future customers. Share a story on your profile from the set location, have pictures taken of everything going on even if you don't plan on using it.

People want to see more than the logo of the companies they work with because they want connection. Give them what they want and show them the goings-on of your day-to day.

2 - Have the Editor Cut Shorts from the Master

A stock photo of a video editing timeline.

Short form video is everything today, which is why you're seeing sites such as Instagram playing down still photos while promoting Reels so heavy. Love it or hate it, TikTok brought on the future. Not because people dancing to repetitive audio snippets is revolutionary (though there's some psychology in that as well), but because of the algorithm behind that endlessly scrolling feed. TikTok, Instagram, and others have been switching from showing you content based on who who follow to showing you what will keep you on the app the longest.

TikTok tracks every move you make - how many times you rewatch, how fast you scroll down, whether or not you scroll back up to watch again, and more. All this to say that well thought out short form video is a necessity for reaching out with your content because in order to be seen it has to perform well. A single 5-minute promo or clip could produce 5-10 individual pieces of content for your social feed. While the editor is already in there, have them create various clips formatted and optimized for short-form snippets straight from the video they already made and still have open. Saves time, money, and is super convenient for you.

3 - Bundle Videos Together

The view of a camera screen recording a live performance.

Batch recording is the most efficient way to create content. If you have the budget, consider producing multiple videos in a single sitting. For example, you can plan to create a 5-minutes video that tells customers about your business, a 60-second spot for a Facebook ad to sell a new product, a behind-the-scenes video introducing employees, and an exclusive video for you VIP membership all under one contract. It'll cost you less in the end and some content can be shared between the videos. For example, behind-the-scenes clips can be used as B-roll to advance both the 'About Us' and 60-second videos. Being able to plan for those shared resources during pre-production will offer more potential for each piece of content you make.

If your business or brand is looking for creative ways to quickly grow your content output, drop us a line! For more helpful articles and news from Emulsa Visual, click here.

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