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Behind the Scenes Photography with Growth Church

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

June 12th, 2022 - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Since the start of November Emulsa Visual has delivered 1,650 images for Growth Church, typically with same-day or next-day turn around!

Emulsa Visual began shooting behind-the-scenes (BTS) for Growth Church in November of last year (2021) when they were fully virtual due to the pandemic forcing them to pivot away from in-person services. There was a need for someone to document and share all the effort and work the production team was putting in each week. Every Thursday the team gathered on Thursday to shoot for Sunday's service at various locations in the Fredericksburg area.

In spring of 2022 Growth Church was able to return to in person events and the focus for photos changed from BTS of production to the people and their experiences, such as the images at the top from an Easter Day event at Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg, VA.

All images are the copyright of Emulsa Visual LLC.

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