Our Story

Hi! My name is Maxx and that is a photo of me with my wife, Jessica. I started Emulsa Visual because I found that through commercial creative work I could combine the problem solving background I built as an engineer with the creative passion I have for visual art.

As a business or nonprofit you have a brand that is integral to your marketing and success. The problem most business have is answering "how do we tell our story"? Emulsa Visual is here to work with you to create the visual assets you need to stand out in a world dominated by content consumption. Visual assets are about communication, and high quality content is designed to say what you what to say and say it in a way that connects with those you serve.

My goal for Emulsa Visual is for it to become your go-to solution whenever you need a story told, and I want working with us to be as easier than working with your own in house production team. We can plan, manage, execute, and deliver shoots so content generation is one less thing you ever have to worry about.